Sedating dogs on flights

Posted by / 14-Dec-2017 04:46

Sedating dogs on flights

Don't get me wrong we love him to bits, and I know that it's probably going to be scary for him too at times, I just want to do what's best for us all.

Now I'm not keen on giving my children drugs, but I'm realistic and practical.

The Food and Drug Administration is requiring a new warning and changes to dosing information for promethazine (Phenergan ), a commonly used drug for nausea and vomiting in children and adults.A common misconception many pet owners have is believing sedation is beneficial for anxious pets when travelling.Our resident vets here at Jetpets strongly discourage sedating pets and instead suggest other alternatives to calm anxious pets.Sometimes nothing calms and settles him faster when teething and with a temp than panadol.I'll be taking some panadol along on the flight just in case, and I stress that I only use medication as a last resort and when absolutely necessary.

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We're going on a long flight with our toddler who really doesn't travel well (economy class with active, agitated toddler sitting on our laps ).