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As a picture speaks more than hours of work in startpos, I will try changing all the in-game message pictures. The ornamentum units are the ones from Empire right? I was actually thinking if you were gonna make a firemen unit, and they fit just perfect instead of the 'armed citizenry' unit. Maybe even some of Danova's units from Ornamentum like the Albanian unit. In the second I really hope that our Hungarian friends will help us making a great roster with the different cool units like Hussars and Honveds. You've read my mind with the Vernet pic I already have it for the events and I might also have added it to the 25 different loading screens we'll have . A cooperation with the Victorian age is one of the things I was thinking about, for when I started modding I had in mind precisely the Victoria series . Ahh fair enough, i don't know much about modding so I thought changing just a torso is easy.

Here's a first test However, if the Ottomans are bound to disappear very soon in the game as I suggested before, couldn't we assign the balkan factions to 'eastern' or 'ottoman' culture, or does this mean that other stuff such as weapons, etc. In this case it would be quite painstaking to reorganize everything just to have nice pictures, though ..the game is supposed to begin, Croatia was a kingdom inside the Habsburg Monarchy, due to a personal union dating back to XVIth century. Your right about the haiduks, they look a bit too official with those uniforms. Maybe some Serbian or Polish friends are reading this thread and may want to help us in workin the roster for the factions. Yeah they are definetly cool shooting pistols instead of carabines.

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Indeed, my idea is to 'force' the player to a more defensive stance and to make conquest very difficult. not to mention that I lived for years close to Dealu Spirii ).

I think the key for a strong Ottoman faction is the unitstats and the following days I'll try to focus on that. The ornamentum units are the ones from Empire right? I was actually thinking if you were gonna make a firemen unit, and they fit just perfect instead of the 'armed citizenry' unit. Changing their torso with the torso of a unit from a different faction (as say Ottomans) is too much for me - I mean I get the theory, but the practice ...

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