When your ex starts dating someone else dating a man with bratty kids

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Source: Shutter Stock If your ex is dating a new girl, now is probably not the best time to try to win him back. Source: Shutter Stock Just because your ex seems like he moved on pretty quickly doesn't mean you have to. A breakup isn't also a race as to who can move on the fastest.Getting an ex back is complicated enough as it is - add another person in there and things get about ten times worse. Every person takes a different amount of time to get over things.I’m pretty sure Miley and Liam called it quits a while ago, but still – if this girl really is Liam’s new girlfriend, it’s a little soon, don’t you think? It leaves you wondering how long he’s been over you, if he was cheating on you and what you did wrong.

Don't skip parties or stuff like that because you'll think they'll be there - stopping your own life and preventing yourself from having fun isn't going to help you get over him. Source: Shutter Stock Unless your ex explained to you why he's dating this new girl (which, doubtful), you probably don't know the exact reason that he's jumped into another relationship so quickly. You could sit there all day and wonder if he was cheating or if this is just a rebound or if he really loves this girl... But you don't know, so just stop thinking about it. Find whatever it is that works for you and just distract yourself until the pain goes away for real. Source: Shutter Stock Another great way to distract yourself is to hang with your friends.

You two were a couple, and to see your spouse with someone else will trigger feelings in you that may be surprising and unpleasant.

It does not mean you are still in love but rather you are witnessing the evidence that your spouse now has someone else in the place you used to fill.

Every time you experience a negative reaction to your ex dating, stop and go through the list of reasons you are no longer married. Is it possible you are uncomfortable with the idea of your ex dating because you are stuck and unable to move forward with your life?

Remembering the negative aspects of your marriage can go a long way in helping alleviate any the unpleasant idea of him/her dating again. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying, “The best revenge is living well.” Well, it’s true!

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Your ex broke up with you and left you heartbroken.

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